Saturday, March 27, 2010

Padres vs. Cubs: Post Game (Pre-Season)

Tyler Colvin Shines in 2-2 F/OT Tie Against The San Diego Padres
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Only 3 innings would decide the outcome of this afternoon's match up between the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres. Though the game wasn't that exciting, Tyler Colvin, who was just called up to the Major Leagues late last September, showed Chicago he is defintely ready to fight for that roster spot he's been eyeing since the Cubs drafted him in '06. 

Entering into the top of the 4th the Cubs only had 3 hits on the day, two of which coming from left handers; Tyler Colvin, Jeff Baker, and Mike Frontenot. Frontenot didn't have a bad game either, but Colvin stole the spot light coming through when the Cubs needed him most. 

Colvin's hitting today got all of the attention even though Colvin had a minor glitch in the 3rd. A line drive down the right side fair line bounced away from him as he couldn't attack the ball soon enough which ended with Venable putting up a triple. Luckily for Colvin, Silva was able to grab the 3rd out of the inning as Hairston tipped the ball which conviently bounced his way for an easy throw to first.
Before we get to the exciting stuff there is one player who will definitely be feeling it tomorrow when he wakes up. Center Fielder, Marlon Byrd was on first base and taking a good lead, he got the hips swaying back and forth egging on Clayton Richard, the Padres Pitcher. Richard tried to throw Byrd out with what would have been a great throw if, first baseman Oscar Salazar would have caught the ball, instead as Byrd dove back to the bag the ball hit him square in the temple. As Byrd walked off the hit, he turned towards the camera to reveal an immediate golfball sized knot! he will defintely not be happy with the discomfort of sleeping on that side tonight.
In the bottom of the 5th, Colvin, would strike first for the Cubs as he hit the only home run of the game; a solo shot to deep right field. That would basically end the inning as Jeff Baker grounded out and Derrek Lee struck out. The Padres caught their own fire as a Triple by Salazar, a double by Hundley, and a throwing error by catcher Geovany Soto would put the Padres up 2-1. This hurt seeing as by the 6th inning Chicago had, what, 4 hits on the day? However, Colvin was not done for the day.

Here we go into the bottom of the 7th, Fontenot strikes first with a single on a fly ball to right field, the Cubs didn't want to leave Fontenot stranded alone on that desert island as Pinch hitter Micah Hoffpauir stepped in, only to ground out. Colvin, then stepped up to bat and cranked out a triple with a fly ball to left field. Fontenot scored on the play giving Colvin the RBI to tie the game and ultimately end the game that way.

In other news, Aramis Ramirez struggled greatly today, with 3 at bats ending with no hits and 2 strike outs on the day. In the top of the 4th, while playing a ground ball off third, he bent down for a quick grab and throw and completely wiffed the ball as it rolled passed him. Ramirez must have been seriously 3-6 inches off from where that ball was, and looked like something out of the Triple A league. Yesterday, Silva was awarded a spot in the pitching rotation and rewarded the Cubs by allowing the Padres only 2 runs in the game. Silva played for just over 5 innings allowing 7 hits, he had some nice pitches and then he had some, like in the bottom of the 3rd, with a man on third base, Silva pitched a fast ball that hit 4 inches before home plate, luckily, Catcher Soto was able to back hand the ball down to not allow for a steal home.

Even though the cards are stacked against Colvin for a roster spot it was a great outing for Tyler Colvin, and the Cubs hope it will only get better.